Fatigue and Pregnancy | Best Tips on Avoiding Fatigue During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, the most beautiful phase in a woman's life, is a pleasant as well as painful experience. Pleasant because it has several good things in store for you and painful because these good things come at a cost. Well, we are not trying to scare you, but pregnancy is a combination of good and bad experiences.

From the moment of conception the developing fetus needs lots of vitamins and minerals to ensure normal cell and organ growth and prevent congenital abnormalities. A pregnant mother needs adequate nutrition to grow both her baby and the placenta which is the life support organ for her baby.

Going to work when you have morning sickness or during the rush hour is a daily act of martyrdom. The advice will be to try to get your company to allow you some flexibility if this is really an issue for you. If necessary, speak to your boss in confidence.

If you must take iron supplements, remember that taking higher doses is not much recommended for this can cause disagreeable side effects. Some of the unpleasant effects of high iron supplement dosage are general tummy complaints like stomachache, nausea and diarrhea and constipation. It is recommended to increase fiber rich foods while taking iron supplements for this can prevent constipation.

Skipping lunch is another no-no. You should never do this, whether pregnant or not. This makes you overeat at dinner and as well as the tiredness can give you a nasty dose of indigestion.

Vitamin C can assist with iron absorption. Try drinking plenty of orange juice or eating fruit or vegetables which are rich in vitamin C.

PMS is the period of approximately one week before and a few days during a woman's menstrual period. PMS comes with some uncomfortable complaints. The complaints are believed to be caused by either low serotonin levels or the fluctuation of hormones during this time.

Exercising will also encourage the body to produce endorphins will help the blood circulation and make you feel more energized and in a better frame of mind. You'll also be healthier and your labor shouldn't be as laborious!

Anxiety is also among the common reasons for fatigue in pregnant women. Even though most women are excited and happy about their pregnancy, they tend to worry a lot. They worry about the health of the baby, about the birth, and about the life after pregnancy. The best thing in this case is to share these thoughts with a family member or a friend, who went through pregnancy before and can understand what you are going through.

Put yourself to bed at night. Don't wait until you fall into bed because you just can't go any more. Napping during the day is fine if you can still go to bed early. If a nap causes you to stay up late, fight the urge to nap or set an alarm for a very short nap.


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    Supplement C can assist with metal intake. Try consuming plenty of red fruit juice or eating fruit or veggies which are rich in vitamin C.


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