How To Use A Doula During Pregnancy | Benefits of Using a Doula During Pregnancy

Going through labor and childbirth is a big event, and many women want support. A lot of women look to their husband or close friend or relative to help them. But some women worry that their partner won't be prepared, or able to help them in the midst of labor.

Given birth is a stressful time, it is hard to know if you are making the right decisions for your self and your baby. It is tough to sort through all the options and medical advice given to you by doctors, family and friends to make the right birth plan for you, it is even more difficult to stick to it.

A doula is a support person who assists couples, or mothers, during and often after their pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a vulnerable time for couples and often they need extra support, particularly for first time couples. A doula is not a medical professional her role is to provide information on birthing options and the processes and to assist the couple or mother in planning for and adapting to their new lives.

There are two types of Doulas: Birth Doulas and Post-Natal Doulas. While many Doulas provide both services it is important to enquire with your Doulas and see if she provides both. A Birth Doulas predominantly deals with creating a birthing plan and preparing mothers and couple for the birth. She will assist during labour in a support role.

Doulas can be especially useful if you are on bed rest or going through a high risk pregnancy. They can help care for you during this time and can ease your concerns, which is very valuable during this trying time. After delivery of the baby, you can benefit from the specialized care of a doula as they help you learn how to care for your baby and adjust to life as a mother.

Despite the lack of information specific to my cesarean clients, this is still a book which I recommend to my clients. Because of its place as the premier text upon the role and value of a doula, it is a must read for anyone who might be interested in the subject. Even the out-dated pictures do not distract form the value of this important text.

Doulas offer a wonderful service to birthing women. They provide comfort, help with establishing a strong labor pattern, and they advocate for you and help you consider your options. Doulas usually meet with you a few times during pregnancy and they're there with you from the start of your labor until you and baby are well-established with bonding.

The mother will be physically comforted by the doulas comfort measures, including warm compresses, massage, relaxation and breathing techniques

Doulas do not prescribe drugs or take any medical intervention techniques in the care of a pregnant woman or the delivery of her child. As such, practicing doulas in the U.S. or Canada, are not required to be licensed.

A Post-Natal Doula helps the mother return to the home after the birth. She is a source of support and information for a new mother. A Post-Natal Doula can help with breastfeeding support and assist new mothers to prepare for life after the birth of their child.


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