Constipation During Pregnancy | How You Can Prevent Constipation During Pregnancy

Many people experience constipation during pregnancy. It is considered normal by doctors, however, if not taken care properly it would cause inconvenience and affect you even after pregnancy, therefore an effective solution is needed to help women cope with post-pregnancy complication.

Fiber should be increased in a woman's diet. Increasing the fiber in your diet can help the food travel faster, and keep the colon healthy. Cooked brown rice and healthy whole grains are a great way to get the fiber needed to combat constipation. Fresh fruits such as apples and peaches can help too. Vitamin and antioxidant rich carrots and broccoli are also recommended.

Foods with high amount of fiber are also helpful. Since vegetables and fruits contain a lot of fiber, you should eat them daily. Besides, they contain nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for you and your baby. Other great sources of fiber include oat meal, high-bran cereals, and bran muffins.

Constipation during pregnancy is caused by the slowdown of food moving through the digestive tract, but also because additional moisture is drawn out of the food and into the bloodstream. This means that whatever remains in the digestive tract is not only moving more slowly, it is drier as well.

A lady may suffer from constipation anytime during pregnancy that might cause loads of soreness.One can find a number of natural remedies for constipation during pregnancy that should be worked with.

Iron supplements also cause constipation but if your doctor insists that you take iron during your pregnancy you will want to increase the amount of water you consume to prevent constipation.

Routine check-ups along with prescribed treatment like enema or Anorectic cream can help pregnant women to relax and fight constipation and haemorrhoid. Best natural ways to combat this problem is light exercises & walking.

A natural food store can provide a myriad of healthy foods as well as remedies for common ailments pregnant women deal with every day. A good tip is to put a spoonful of ground flax seed into each meal. This can lower the level of pain from constipation.

Changing the diet and the lifestyle is the main aspect to get relief from constipation. Inclusion of fiber rich foods like green vegetables, whole grains, cereals and pulses improves the bowel movements.

Some women must remain on bed rest for all or part of their pregnancy. If this is the case, an incentive spectrometer (a device that is used by inhaling deeply, which raises balls or creates bubbles depending on the model) is mandatory to keep your lungs clear and to keep your bowels moving. The medical apparatus cannot be over used. It is generally advised to use it every ten minutes.


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